Are photographers detached from their surrounding? Does the camera creating a barrier, preventing them from being fully engaged? For me, photography allows me to connect as well as to record. I can still re-live the place, the heat and the smells, and hear the sound of the shutter release decades after taking a particular photo. I remember the people and the place; I can re-live the joy of a wonderful blues music; I can again experience the tension at a Yes referendum rally in Leith.

And I simply enjoy taking photographs which I have done from the age of 8. Like many photographers of my generation, my interest was triggered by seeing an image emerge from the developing tray - and 60 years later I am still struggling to find my focus.

I have been a member of London Independent Photography (LIP) since 2012. I am an active member of LIP Central satellite group and Herts Foto Forum. I have had photographs selected for the LIP Main exhibitions in 2013 & 2014. I have photographs in fLIP magazine - Conflict (Autumn 2014 Edition) and Neighbourhood (Summer 2015 Edition). I was a contributor to the LIP Central exhibition in 2015. This year I am contributing to the LIP Central exhibition "HERE" in February 2017 at Espacio gallery and to the HFF '21' exhibition at the Nude Tin Gallery in March 2017.